Free Employee Handbook Template

Everything you need to give new employees a great start!

Use this free employee handbook template to make sure your new team members are up to speed on the rules and policies at your business. You can customize this handbook to meet your needs, and of course, be sure to add your business name and logo in the highlighted portions.

This employee handbook template is comprehensive and covers everything from time off policies, to dress code and uniform rules, to jury duty rules, military leave, termination policies, and much more. Make sure you go over this guidebook with your new hires, and have them sign the page at the end to indicate that they've received and read the guidebook.

Table of Contents
Welcome 4
Overview 5
Open Door Policy 6
Equal Opportunity Policy 6
Diversity 6
How We Treat Our Customers 6
Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy 7
Immigration Law Compliance 9
Employee Privacy and Personal Activities 10
Workplace Monitoring 11
Pay Day and Paychecks 11
Social Security 12
Wage and Hour Rules 12
Clocking In and Out 12
Work Week and Schedule for Employees 13
Employee Meal Benefit Program 14
Tardiness and Absences 14
Uniform Policy 14
General Policies 15
Public Relations and Information Disclosure 17
Confidentiality 17
Quality and Customer Protection 17
Outside Employment 18
Conflicts of Interest 18
Personal Relationships/Fraternization Policy 19
Social Media 19
Interaction with the Government and Service of Legal Documents 21
Intellectual Property and Proprietary Information 21
Employee Benefits 22
Vacation Time 23
Unemployment Insurance 23
Family and Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA) Policy 24
Disability Accommodations 26
Military Leave 27
Medical Leave of Absence Policy 27
Pregnancy Disability Leave 27
Paid Sick Leave 27
Jury Duty Leave 28
Time Off to Vote 28
Employment at Will 28
Performance Evaluations 28
Code of Conduct 28
Reasons for Reprimand or Termination 29
Progressive Discipline 30
Safety Policy 31
Policy Against Workplace Violence 32
Substance Abuse and Weapons 33
Hazard Communication Program 33
Termination 34
Waiver 35
Receipt of (Insert Company Name) Employee Handbook 36

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