Direct Deposit Authorization

Use this form to get authorization from new employees to use Direct Deposit to send them their paychecks.

Direct Deposit is mutually beneficial for you and your employees, assuming they have a savings or checking account. It saves you the trouble of printing paper checks (or paying a vendor to print them), and it allows your employees to receive their wage payments directly in their bank account on payday. No more trips to the bank, and no more waiting for checks to get deposited.

Be sure to keep this form in a secure place once it's completed. It contains extremely sensitive information about your employees -- specifically, their bank account number and routing number.

If your employees are worried about handing over their bank account and routing numbers, you can gently remind them that that same information is available on every check they write. And, of course, it means they can get paid a bit sooner than if they were dealing with paper checks.

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