Free Template: 30-Day Performance Review

Use this free template to review an employee's performance after 30 days.

When you hire new employees, it's important to set expectations upfront, and follow-up periodically so your new employee knows how they're performing.

This employee review template makes it easy to ensure you and your new employee are on the same page. You can use the same template to review your employees' work performance at other regular intervals as well. We recommend doing performance reviews about once a month, at least for the first few months, and you can use this same free template for their 60-day and 90-day reviews.

Performance Rating Categories:

Work Ethic - Exhibits high standards. Initiates doing his/her job responsibilities, never waits to be asked.

Integrity - Honest with others and does what is right without exception.

Overall Skill Set – Demonstrates appropriate level of knowledge and skills for the position. Actively seeks to improve knowledge and skills.

Service/Hospitality – Exhibits dedication to excellent customer service. Takes prompt action to improve and/or resolve any customer service issues.

Teamwork – Gets along well with co-workers and management team. Creates/contributes to an energized, rewarding, safe and healthy work environment.

Dependability - Availability, attendance, punctuality, and appropriate adherence to uniform standards.

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