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  • “Homebase is an assistant manager you don’t have to pay!”

    Tracy R. Hamburger Mike's (Stockbridge, GA)

  • Spend less time on scheduling

    Forecast your costs, schedule by role, even factor in weather. Easy enough for any manager to pick up without training.

    Real-time reporting to run your business.

    We integrate with a growing list of POS providers to put real-time labor reporting tools in your pocket. Track tips, cash held by servers, and monitor labor costs as a % of sales

  • Setup a time clock anywhere

    Any computer or tablet can become a secondary time clock. Put one by the bar and one in the kitchen, and be confident that you’re accurately tracking hours, breaks, and overtime.

    Better manage your costs

    FOH vs. BOH? Bar vs Dining? You can track your labor by department to help all of your managers keep an eye on cost

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