Simpler shift scheduling for your team.

Homebase helps small businesses save time with faster employee scheduling.

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Build and share your schedule in minutes.

  • Make edits on the fly and instantly share them with your team.
  • Your team always has the up-to-date schedule in their pockets with our mobile app.
  • Send automated email and text alerts to your team about new schedules and upcoming shifts.

Build a better schedule to run a better team.

  • Track your labor and sales together to optimize your schedule.
  • Manage your team’s availability, preferences, and time-off requests.
  • Forecast your labor costs and manage your schedule to avoid overtime.

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Improve your team communication while you reduce no shows.

  • Allow employees to trade and cover shifts right in the app.
  • Add notes to shifts with instructions or work information.
  • Automatically remind employees of upcoming shifts and get alerts when they are late.
  • Send messages to individuals and groups.
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Manage time tracking, payroll, and more all in one place.

  • Use Homebase time clocks to manage labor costs.
  • Process payroll right in Homebase.
  • Post jobs, manage applicants, and onboarding new employees.
  • Manage your team, store paperwork, and track their performance.
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Make scheduling easier with Homebase.

I have been a Chef for 25 years. I have been scheduling for about 20 years. For the first time scheduling people has been easy. The fact you can keep a running money amount of your wages is amazing and so helpful...This is a must to anyone having to schedule.

Shawn Mcleod

Owner at Valhalla Smokehouse, British Columbia, Canada