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More information with less paperwork.
Quickly transfer data and notes
from shift to shift.

  • Organized by topic for quick review

    Managers often have only few minutes before a shift to get up to speed, and only a few minutes after a shift to capture how the day went. Manager Log ensures all notes on a specific topic are in one easily accessible place so they can get updated quickly.
  • Easily searchable so you can take action quickly

    What’s the use in documenting something if you can’t find it? Manager Log entries are all searchable, meaning you can find that important note on inspections from a few weeks ago in just a few seconds.
  • Track the topics that matter most to your business

    Maintenance, guest relations, and injury logs are all helpful subjects for your managers to document. But every business is different, so our Manager Log is customizable to the needs of your business, and highlights what matters most.
  • Integrated with your important business metrics

    Understanding the context behind the shift can make all the difference. That’s why we show sales, weather, and scheduling stats next to your notes, so you have all you need to make better, more informed decisions.