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Built for Scheduling

Homebase is built to help you schedule your employees — and so much more. From shift trades to labor cost reporting, Homebase is purpose-built for business owners and hourly employees. Google Spreadsheets is one-size-fits all, and wasn’t built specifically for scheduling.


Save time — without spending more

Save four hours every payroll period when you switch from spreadsheets — half a day! — without spending any more money. Homebase offers a free plan with all the fundamentals you need.


No more no-shows or missed shifts

Your employees get notified when the schedule is published, and a reminder before their shifts — automatically. You get notices when an employee is late for a shift or working overtime.


Automate the busy work

Homebase handles lots of your calculations automatically. No more complex Google Spreadsheets or Excel formulas or unintentional errors. Your timesheets are even automatically checked for errors and formatted to upload to your payroll provider.

Homebase Free Employee Scheduling Software

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