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Enhance Operations

  • Expand operating margin by building a smarter schedule
  • Receive alerts before expensive OT kicks in
  • Prevent employees from abusing time cards with early clock-ins

Save Time

  • Automatically calculate timesheet totals and identify errors
  • Export timesheets to Payroll
  • Copy schedules week to week
  • Manage shift trades & covers

Improve Team Happiness

  • Send employee shift reminders to improve on-time arrival
  • Share schedules digitally
  • Manage shift trades on the go
  • Communicate quickly

Reduce Compliance Risk

  • Keep track of time card records for US Dept. of Labor requirements
  • Maintain break compliance
  • Accurately track over time

Homebase Elevator Pitch

Homebase is the #1 app on Clover. It handles employee scheduling, time tracking, break tracking, payroll exports, hiring and team messaging. The Homebase mobile app lets you see your sales and labor expenses in real time, see the status of employee clock-ins whether on time or late, and it even sends your employees reminders about their shifts. It does a lot of other things too like blocking employees from clocking in early – which saves the typical Clover customer about $200 a month in labor expenses!


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Install Homebase on your Clover

  • Visit the Clover App Market and install Homebase on your Clover device.
  • Once Homebase is downloaded, you will be prompted to transfer data from the shifts app into Homebase. *DO NOT DELETE THE SHIFTS APP IF DATA HAS NOT BEEN TRANSFERRED
  • The benefit of using Homebase vs the shifts app are; break tracking, automatic overtime calculations, remote timesheet edits, real-time employee status, payroll ready exports, remote visibility, and mobile apps.




Launch Homebase & Download Mobile App

  • Homebase will send a link to your clover email to create a password and launch the Homebase web app
  • Download Homebase Mobile app on either Apple or Google Play store
  • Show merchants how easy it is for employees to clock in from their phone, trade & get covers for shifts and message team members.



Import Employees & Build a Schedule

  • Sign into on your computer. Homebase will allow you to connect your Clover device to import your existing employee information.
  • Create a Homebase schedule on the computer with all day shifts and copy the schedule out so that you always have shifts scheduled
  • Next time you clock into your Clover device, you will automatically be prompted by Homebase to clock in which is a great quick feature to show merchants during a Clover demo

  • Homebase will manage timecard and employee data including PTO, Multiple Wage Rates, and Timesheet Information
  • Employee credit card tips and sales numbers from Clover will pull into Homebase in real time allowing merchants to create labor forecasts against sales, make timesheet edits, and manage overtime
  • Information from Homebase is then able to be directly integrated with ADP Run, Gusto, or Quickbooks Online or exported into one of our payroll ready exports: here

Use these calculators below in your demos to immediately show merchants how Homebase & Clover saves merchants time and money

To see how much time you’ll save merchants each by week using Homebase: Click here

To calculate how much your merchants can save per month by preventing early clock-ins: Click here



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