Thinking About Trying a Rotating Shift Schedule?

We all want our employees to think they’re being scheduled fairly, which is why many businesses use a rotating schedule. Weekend, early morning, or late night shifts are acceptable from time to time, but changing the shift work schedule is key to keeping your employees happy. And switching from the day shift to the night shift can seriously increase earnings for employees in tipped positions.

Many managers don’t use a rotating schedule because it’s easier to keep the same schedule each week. This is especially true when using a static schedule template. But that’s where a more advanced free scheduling software like Homebase comes in handy.

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But is a rotating schedule the answer for all businesses? Not necessarily.

Before you decide whether a rotating schedule is right for your business or not, check your employee preferences. Ask your shift workers for the pros and cons of each of your shifts. This will help you switch working hours in a way that makes your team happier and more efficient.

While rotating schedules aren’t right for every business, here are some of the top benefits of a rotating schedule.

Get Tips Right

In many restaurants, employees working different shifts won’t make the same amount of tips. If employees are available for both shifts, consider rotating who’s on duty for the afternoon and evening shifts to even out the amount of tips they’re able to make. Your employees rely on tips to make a living, and a rotating shift schedule will keep employees happy.

Provide Crucial Experience

If you have employees that only ever work days, they may have a hard time the first time they have to work during peak hours. With occasional shift swaps, it’s likely that these employees will eventually need to cover a busy shift. It’s important to make sure they’re prepared. With Homebase, leaving shift notes will make sure that an employee working a new shift is ready to go. When employees have worked a rotating shift pattern, you’ll know you can count on them around the clock.

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Give Employees Time Off

When an employee needs time off, you’ll need to find someone else to fill in. Having employees that are comfortable working each shift means that you will have a ready and willing group to take their spot.

Having flexibility in your schedule means that employees can make room for other things they need to do in their lives. For example, if you have a set schedule, an employee might need to take the day off to make it to an appointment or family event. Instead, if you have a rotating schedule with more flexibility, they may be able to schedule around their shifts and not have to miss work after all. It’s a win for employees and a win for business owners as well.

How to Get a Rotating Schedule Right

Rotating schedules work best with shifts that aren’t too extreme. After all, asking employees to work three night shifts and two daytime shifts in the same week may not work out well.

When sleep schedules are off, your business will suffer. You don’t want an exhausted staff because it will be harder for them to get their work done and they may even start looking for work elsewhere. Rotating schedules should shift work hours but also take worker needs into account.

Once you decide to implement a rotating shift, employees will need an effective way to check when they are working and even get notifications of upcoming shifts. If an employee has worked only dinner shifts for several years, giving them plenty of reminders that they’re working lunch shifts occasionally will make sure it doesn’t slip their mind. Using the free Homebase team communication app, employees can check when they are working and swap shifts easily.

Switching to a rotating schedule can be a great way to keep scheduling fair. In a mobile-first world, giving your employees the ability to check their upcoming shifts and even clock in on their phone will keep your business running smoothly. Streamline scheduling and keep employees in the loop with our free scheduling software..

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