I’m not crazy about writing. English is my second (or third) language and it can be difficult for me to find the right words when faced with an empty screen and a keyboard. Even if I know a lot about a particular topic, I’d rather talk about it than write about it any day.

When we started to talk to our customers about the challenges of recruiting and hiring great employees, many of them told us that writing job posts was painful for them. They struggled with getting that right mix of creating a job post that was enticing for applicants, but factual enough that people could see if they are qualified.

We knew that having pre-written descriptions for job posts would make posting jobs much simpler even for people like me, who don’t feel comfortable writing.

Of course writing descriptions for 130+ common job roles was no small feat. The Homebase team worked with hiring and human resources experts to craft accurate job descriptions that will attract qualified, enthusiastic candidates for the more than 100,000 businesses we serve.

So whether you’re seeking a Bar back or a Barber, you can find great descriptions that are ready to post; and,it’s easy to update any description to add the right tone or flare for your business: load the job description, make your updates, save & post.

We know we haven’t got descriptions for every job in the world (yet), but we’re getting there. We actively monitor custom posts that our customers create so we can learn more about the roles that need filling. When we spot a trend – say pastry chef – we go back to the experts so that we can add yet another pre-written job description.

Perhaps more fun are the 100% unique posts we see. Do you want to be a wizard, a burrito artist or a fashion advisor, there’s a job posted on Homebase for that right now.

Here’s how to post a job:

1. Visit the Hiring section of Homebase and enter your desired role.

2. Add a wage & shifts, then review the job description and edit as needed.

3. Watch the candidates flow in.

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