We have partnered with Stride Health to offer discounted individual health insurance.

If you’re a Homebase member, you know that you can use our free app to manage your schedule, track your earnings, and communicate with the rest of your team. Now you can also use the app to find great deals on health insurance through our partner Stride Health.  Just check out the new “Health Insurance” option in the menu.

Need health insurance? Find the right plan fast, and don’t get stuck with fines

Healthcare laws have changed, and not being covered can now cost hundreds of dollars in fines. That’s a terrible way to spend your tips. Stride can help you find the right plan so you can avoid the fines, stay covered, and enjoy those hard-earned days off.

Stride will also make sure you’re getting any discounts or government assistance you’re eligible for, so you can be confident you’re getting the best deal. (Stride members typically save $418 a year.) They’ll even help you find prescription discounts.

Have employees that need coverage?

Stride Health doesn’t handle any group plans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help your team get covered.  Poor health status is the number one reason employees miss work and employees with health related issues can be 50% less productive.  Providing health insurance for your team may be impossibly expensive, but you can still help them find the right coverage at affordable individual rates through the Homebase app. It takes less than 10 minutes, and there is live support standing by.

Get started in Homebase

You can access the new Health Insurance section from the mobile app (under the profile menu) or by clicking on your avatar on the web. You can be signed up for coverage before your break ends.

We’re excited to be adding health insurance, and we will be adding other exclusive benefits over the coming year. Stay tuned for more!