5 Qualities that Say “Manager”

Being a manager is about much more than taking the lead. It’s also about how you work with other people, the way you communicate, and so much more. Are you wondering if an employee is ready to take the leap into senior management? See if they exhibit these five crucial qualities before making the offer.

1) Knowing When to Take Charge – or Not

It’s natural to expect a manager to be the type of person who will take charge in any given situation. Someone who is able to lead others in projects or activities may be an obvious choice for the next promotion, but a great manager will also empower others to step up. It’s important that a manager can bring out the best in the employees under them, especially when a subordinate might be better suited (or have more time) to be in charge of a project.

2) Being Inclusive

Being a leader doesn’t mean being solely responsible for making the hard decisions. Instead, a truly great manager will be sure to give everyone a seat at the table. An inclusive mindset is essential to ensuring success, because it will help the team feel heard and valued in any decision. It is also a great display of humility and self-awareness to let others join in the process and add their own expertise. If you notice an employee who is always bringing others into the conversation, they may be ready to step up to management.

3) Delivering Fresh and Bold Ideas

While it’s important to go with the flow in some situations, it’s also brave to bring new ideas to the table – no organization wants to become stale. Do you have an employee who has come to you with suggestions such as new partnerships or using staff scheduling software to expedite planning meetings? Someone who can look at the bigger picture and come up with solutions that no one else has thought of might just be ready to take charge of the team and bring it to a whole new level.

4) Keeping Communication Lines Open

No one wants a manager who siloes themselves within an organization. Rather, you want to look for a person who always has an open door – both physically and metaphorically – and keeps in close communication with others. Your next manager should be the type of person who knows when to inform you of items before they become issues, and who always has the time of day for other employees, regardless of titles.

5) Handling Conflict Gracefully

Whether it’s a conflict between the employee and a supervisor or two other workers, someone who is ready for management needs to show that they can resolve personnel issues with grace and perspective. Being able to see where each party is coming from, treating people with dignity and respect in spite of frustration, and bringing people on to the same page are all critical skills that a future manager should have.
Choosing someone to promote doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Look for those employees who are able to take a step forward as well as a step back, bring everyone into the fold, come up with exciting ideas, have an open door, and resolve conflicts easily, and your other workers will certainly be in great hands.

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